How To Sell Your California House Without A Realtor

Are you looking to sell your house in California, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hiring a real estate agent, paying an extravagant commission, and dealing with hundreds of strangers trooping through your home? Have you considered an all-cash buyer?  You can sell your home without a real estate agent and the added inconveniences. Here’s a guide to selling your home by yourself and getting the most for your home.

How to sell your home without a real estate agent

When you don’t want to sell your house with the help of an agent, your first step is to look for companies that pay cash for houses. You might consider using a company, such as Slate Property Solutions, to sell your home without wasting time or giving away your profit in the form of commission.

When selling your home, it’s always a good idea to start out by contacting companies in your local area that buy homes “as-is.” If you come up empty-handed after searching for companies that pay cash for houses, then finding a buyer on your own can be a fairly straightforward process when you know where to look. In rare instances, you may already have a friend, family member, or acquaintance interested in buying your home. There are many popular websites, such as Facebook and Craigslist, to list your home for free or a nominal fee. The more people who know your home is for sale, the higher your chances are of selling it quickly. You never know who’s in the market to buy a home.

When listing your home yourself, you need to take pictures of each room, the front yard, and the backyard. Make the photos look as flattering as possible. In the listing description, be honest about the condition of the home and any needed repairs. Also, stress the fact that you’re selling the home as-is.

When you find a buyer on your own, it eliminates many of the time-consuming aspects of a sale when an agent is involved. This includes time for the agent to find a buyer, negotiating the selling price with potential buyers, and numerous open houses.  Also, you won’t have to pay a percentage of the selling price as a commission to the agent.

Selling your home without an agent is easier than you think

When you choose to use an agent, on their first visit, they’ll present you with a list of items to update or fix. It’s in their best interest to get you to pay for as many repairs as possible before listing the home, so they can increase the asking price. After the home sells, the agent receives a percentage of the sale. With the cost of repairs and commission, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars of profit.

By selling properties without an agent, you take the middle man out of the equation. This makes honest and open communication easier, so you can talk about the essentials. You can discuss how much the buyer can afford, how much work your home needs, and how quickly they can close the sale.

As a general rule, a cash buyer has the ability to close much quicker than a buyer who requires financing.  It also allows you to sell your house despite its condition, even if it’s in bad shape and needs substantial updates or repairs.

An experienced cash buyer will know the costs of renovation, the cash price they are willing to pay, and the timeline for closing. Schedule a time to have them walk through your home, and then openly discuss any repairs the home needs. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that you’re working with a professional and develop a good relationship with them during the selling process. Companies that pay cash for houses pride themselves on making the home selling experience as quick and easy as possible.

Should you sell your house without an agent?

Save thousands (if not tens of thousands) on renovations selling to us. We always buy any property “as-is.” Any condition or situation!You can sell your home quickly without the need to update your home. The cash offer you receive will be for the market value of the house in its current state.  Given the condition of your home, the buyer gives you the best possible price.

This transaction can be handled without the help of an agent. You start by getting a cash offer from the company. Ideally, reach out to more than one of these companies and compare so that you get the best price.

You may find some companies willing to guarantee a price without seeing the property, while others won’t quote a price until after an inspection. If you’re pressed for time and need to sell quickly, it’s best to start arranging for inspections immediately.

You may find it easier to get cash without an agent

When you don’t have to communicate with an agent at each and every stage of the home-selling process, you can sell your house quicker. Cash buyers purchase homes fast. They can help people who find themselves in a tight position, such as homeowners who need money to avoid foreclosure or some other circumstances forcing them to move. A cash offer may be the only way to pay off the existing mortgage. It might also be a family’s only chance to get out from under an older home in need of expensive repairs.


At Slate Properties, we pride ourselves on being professional home buyers that will offer you a fair price for your home, let you choose the closing date, and give you the time you need to move out. We guarantee a quick and easy sale because you’re selling for cash!

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